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This Site was created for the purpose of trading DVD-R's and DivX Files.I'm Interested in trading with people worldwide with Movies + TV Shows,Retro Cartoons & Music,Rare Australian Shows,Classic XXX,Anybody "Over 18" Interested in Trading,Feel Free to Get in Touch,Serious Traders Only.

Tv Shows/Cartoons.

20 to 1: Greatest Australian Songs (DVD) 50min.

50 Years/50 Shows - 50 Years of Australian TV (DVD) 80min.

Alvin Purple (1976) 4x Episodes (DVD).

Ambush in Mogadishu (Doco) "Real Story of Black Hawk Down" (45min) (DVD).

Back of the Y (Complete) 6x Episodes (DVD).

Bigfoot & Wildboy 9x Episodes (DVD).

Birdman - 10x Episodes (Mpg).

Bullpitt (1997) (Mpg).

Catweazle (Full Series) 3x(DVD).

Chips - Season 1 5x(DVD).

Cold Case Files:"The Zodiac Killer" (DVD) (40mins).

Dennis Pennis - 3x Video's (DVD).

Desert Storm:Ulitmate War [History Channel] (DVD).

Dr.Who - Planet of the Spiders (1974) (DVD) [Jon Pertwee].

Dr.Who - The Mutants (1972) (DVD) [Jon Pertwee].

Game On (Series 3) (DVD).

Gimmie,Gimmie,Gimmie (Series 1) (DVD).

Goodnight Sweetheart - (Full Series) (DVD).

It's Your Move - (Jason Bateman) 1983/84 (Full Series) 4x DVD's.

Just For Laughs Gags - (12 Episodes) (DVD).

Kingswood Country - "Vol 1 & 2" 8x(DVD) [Ross Higgins].

Life on Mars - (Complete Series 1 & 2) (16 episodes) DivX-Mpg.

Mark Twain Theatre - Huckleberry Finn & Friends 3x (80min) Episodes. (DVD) [Ian Tracey].

Over There - (Complete Series)-13 Episodes (DivX).

Rockets Red,Glare (Rocket Disasters) (40min) (Mpg).

Scare Tactics - (Season 1) 22 Episodes (DivX).

The Aunty Jack Show - Best Of.... (50mins) (DVD).

The Aunty Jack Show - Season 1 (3x DVD).

The Best of "The Naked Vigar Show" - 2x (DVD).

The Crawford Story - Doco on Channel 7 Shows. (Mpg).

The Complete Adventures of "Lano & Woodley" 2x (DVD).

The Dana Carvey Show (Complete Series) 1x (DVD).

The Elton John Story (DVD) (45min).

The Herculoids - [Full Series] (2 x DVD).

The Lost Islands (1976) [Full Series] 3x (DVD).

The Roadrunner Show Vol 1 (DVD).

The Tomorrow People (70's) - All Episodes (DVD).

Till Death Us Do Part - (Complete 4 + 5th Seasons 1972/74).4x (DVD). [Warren Mitchell].

World's Scariest Explosions (DVD) 45min.



2001 (1968) (DVD).

A Call To Remember (1997) (DVD) [Blythe Danner].

A Case of Rape (1974) (DVD) [Elizabeth Montgomery].

America Soldiers - A Day in Iraq (2005) (DVD).

Backroads (1977) (DVD) [Bill Hunter].

Bad Ronald (1974) (DVD) [Kim Hunter].

Bloodsucking Freaks (1977) (DVD).

Born Innocent (1974) (DVD) [Linda Blair].

Brewster McCloud (1970) (DVD) [Bud Court].

Can I Do It 'Till i Need Glassess (1977) (DVD).

Cannibal Ferox (1981) (DVD).

Cannibal Holocaust (1980) (DVD).

City of the Living Dead (1980) (DVD).

Cruising (1980) (DVD) [Al Pacino].

Day of the Roses - Parts 1 + 2 (1998) "Granville Train Disaster" (DivX) [Rebecca Gibney].

Deadbeat at Dawn (1983) (DVD).

Dirty Mary,Crazy Larry (1974) (DVD) [Peter Fonda].

Divided By Hate (1996) (DVD) [Tom Skerritt].

Everynight,Everynight (1994) (DVD) [David Field].

Fantasm (1976) (DVD).

Fantasm Comes Again (1977) (DVD).

Fearless (2006) (DVD) [Jet Li].

Firefox (1982) (DVD) [Clint Eastwood].

Flash Gordon (1980) (DVD) [Sam J.Jones/Max Von Sydow].

FM (1978) (DVD) [Michael Brandon].

Ghosts of the Civil Dead (1988) (DVD).

Godspell (1973) (DVD).

Hell of The Living Dead aka "Night of the Zombies" (1981) (DVD).

Henessey (1975) (DVD) [Rob Steiger].

Hitch-Hike (1977) (DVD) [David Hess].

Hotel New Hampshire (1984) (DVD) [Jodie Foster].

House By the Cemetry (1981) (DVD).

How Sleep the Brave (1981) (DVD).

Intruder (1985) (DVD).

Johnny's Got His Gun (1971) (DVD) [Timothy Bottoms].

Mad Dog Morgan (1976) (DVD) [Dennis Hopper].

Magnum Force (1973) (DVD) [Clint Eastwood].

Maniac (1980) (DVD).

Murder-Set-Pieces (2005) (DVD).

Over The Edge (1979) (DVD) [Matt Dillion].

OZ:The Rock'n Roll Road Movie (1976) (DVD) [Bruce Spence/Robin Ramsay].

People Under The Stairs (1991) (DVD).

Petersen (1974) (DVD) [Jack Thompson].

Satanis:The Devil's Mass (1968) (DVD) [Anton LaVey].

Sarah T:Portrait of a Teenage Alcoholic (1975) (DVD) [Linda Blair].

Shock Waves (1976) (DVD) [Peter Cushing].

Soldier Blue (1970) (DVD) [Candice Bergen].

STOP! Calling Me Baby (1978) (DVD) [Jodie Foster].

Stir (1980) (DVD) [Bryan Brown].

Summerfield (1977) (DVD) [Nick Tate].

The Amazing Johnathan Live (2006) (DVD).

The Beyond (1981) (DVD).

The Big Red One (1980) (DVD) [Lee Marvin/Mark Hamill].

The Bronx Warriors (1983) (DVD) [Vic Morrow].

The Crazies (1974) (DVD).

The Dish (1999) (DVD) [Sam Neil].

The House By The Cemetery (1981) (DVD).

The Hauting of Seacliff Inn (1994) (DVD) [Ally Sheedy].

The Heidi Chronicles (1995) (DVD) [Jamie Lee Curtis].

The Last Outlaw "The True Story of Ned Kelly" (1980) 4 Part Mini-Series (2x DL DVD's) 379 mins [John Jarrett].

The Last Waltz (1978) (DVD).

The Legend of Lizzie Borden (1975) (DVD) [Elizabeth Montgomery].

The Man From Hong Kong (1975) (Mpg).

The Omega Man (1971) (DVD) [Charlton Heston].

The Other Hell (1980) (DVD).

The Silent Flute aka:"Circle of Iron" (1978) (DVD) [David Carradine].

Where Are My Children? (1994) (DVD) [Marg Helgenberger].

White Ghost (1987) (DVD) [William Katt].

Wolf Creek (2005) (DVD) [John Jarrett].

Vanishing Point (1971) (DVD).




[Motor Racing] - Australian Grand Prix (Sandown) 1978 (DVD).

[Motor Racing] - Castrol International Ralley,Canberra,Australia,1979 (DVD).

[Motor Racing] - Descent on the Mountain 1981 Bathust Australia (DVD).

[NRL] 1989 Grand Final:Balmain vs Canberra (DVD).

[NRL] 2005 Grand Final:Jersey Flegg - St.George VS Parramatta (DVD).

[NRL] 2005 Grand Final:Premier League - Easts VS Parramatta (DVD).

[NRL] 2006 Grand Final:Premier League - Newtown vs Parramatta (DVD).

[NRL] Australia vs USA Tomahawks 30/11/04 (DVD).

[NSWRL] NSWRL Grand Finals - 1966,1969,1972,1973,1976,1977,1978,1981,1989. (DVD).

[NSWRL] Rugby League in the 80's (DVD) (50min).

[NSWRL] St.George vs Newtown - Round 18 - 20/8/1966 (30mins) B/W.

[Rugby Union] - Australia vs New Zealand 1978 (DVD).

[Rugby Union] - Australia vs New Zealand 3rd Test 1979 (DVD).

[Rugby Union] - Australia vs New Zealand (SCG) July 1983 (DVD).

[Rugby Union] - Parramatta vs Randwick 1977 Grand Final (DVD).


Music Video/Concerts.

ACDC - "Family Jewels" 2x (DVD).

Addictive - Live,Vauxhall Inn,Parramatta,N.S.W,10/9/1990 (DVD) (60min).

Alice Cooper - The Nightmare w/ Vincent Price (1975) (DVD).

America - Live,Musikladen,Germany,1975 (DVD) (40min).

Armoured Angel - Live,Vic on the Park,Sydney,1994 (DVD) (58min).

Badfinger - VH1's Behind the Music (DVD) (45min).

Cat Stevens - Live,KCET-TV,1971 (DVD) (50min).

Cheap Trick - Budokan,Japan,1978 (DVD).

Cheap Trick - Live,Rockpalast,1979 (DVD).

Cold Chisel - Live,Rockpalast,1982 (DVD).

Devo - Live in the Land of the Rising Sun 2003 (DVD).

Dire Straits - Live,German TV,1979 (DVD).

Dr.Hook & The Medicine Show - Live,Musikladen,Germany,1974 (DVD).

Fleetwood Mac - Rosbud Film (DVD) (40min).

Frozen Doberman - Live,1988,N.S.W,Australia (DVD) (25min).

Frozen Doberman - Live,Vauxhall Inn,Parramatta,N.S.W,10/9/1990 (DVD) (45min).

Grim Reaper - Live,Headbangers Ball,1987 (DVD) (35min).

Nitocris - Live,Asylum,Canberra,Australia,31/7/1994 (DVD) (100min).

Nitocris - Live,Vic on the Park,Sydney,1994 (DVD) (23min).

Joe Jackson - Live,Rockpalast,1980 (DVD).

Olivia Newton-John - 1978 USA TV-Special (DVD) (60min).

Peter Frampton - Frampton Comes Alive Live 1976 (DVD) (25mins).

Pink Floyd - Live at Pompeii,1972 (DVD).

Pink Floyd - Live,Saint Tropez,8/8/1970 (DVD).

Rock & Roll Sports Classic 1978 (DVD).

Rock City - London Era-1964 to 1973 (DVD) (138min).

Sadistik Exekution - Live,Lewisham Hotel,30/11/93 (DVD) (50mins).

Ted Nugent - Live,Rockpalast,1976 (DVD).

Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers - Live,Rockpalast,1977 (DVD).

Tony Joe White - Live,Austin,TX,USA (DVD).

The Affected - Live,Annandale Hotel,Sydney,4/7/93 (DVD) (45mins).

The Affected - General Bourke,Parramatta,NSW,16/7/94 (DVD) (50mins).

The Cars - Rock Goes to Collage,1978 (DVD).

The Doobie Bros - VH1: Behind the Music (DVD).

The Eagles - Live,BBC,UK,1973 (DVD) (40min).

The Eagles - Live,Houston,TX,USA,1978 (DVD).

Old Grey Whistle Test - California Comes to the Test (DVD) (60mins).

The Who - Live,Rockpalast,1981 (DVD).

VH1 "20 Worst Metal Songs" (DVD).

VH1 Behind The Music "The Doobie Brothers" (DVD) (45min).

VH1 Behind The Music "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" (DVD) (45min).

VH1 Behind The Music "Saturday Night Fever" (30min) (Mpg).

VH1 "One Hit Wonders" (New Wave) (Mpg).

Wishbone Ash - Live,Rockpalast,1976 (DVD) (50min).

Wolfmother - Live_Homebake_Dec-2005 (DVD) (26min).

Wolfmother - Live,JTV-Australia,2005 (DVD) (50min).

Wolfmother - Oakley Building_Melbourne_Australia_2006 (DVD) (35min)



AC/DC - All Albums MP3.

Grand Funk Railroad - All Albums (13 Albums) MP3 [721mg].

James Taylor (15 Albums). MP3.

KISS - All Albums (33 cd's) MP3 [2.86gig].

Styx - All Albums MP3.

Superhits of the 70's (All 25 Volumes) MP3 [2.23gig].

TV Tunes (497 Tunes 320kbs) MP3 [1.28gig].


Wishbone Ash.



18 & Busty (DVD) XXX,

7 Into Snowy (1977) (DVD) XXX

A Dirty Western (1975) (DVD) XXX.

Alice in Wonderland (1976) (DVD) XXX.

Amanda By Night (1980) (DVD) XXX [Veronica Hart].

Anal Expedition 8 (DVD XXX.

Annette Haven - Part 2 Best Of 1977 - 1979 (DVD) XXX.

Any Time-Any Place (1981) (DVD) XXX [Seka].

Ass Worship 4 Bottom Heavy (DVD) XXX.

Autobiography of a Flea (1976) (DVD) XXX [Annette Haven].

Barbara Broadcast (1977) (DVD) XXX [Annette Haven].

Batpussy (1973) (DVD) XXX.

Bel Ami:Beautiful Friend (1975) (DVD) XXX [Harry Reems].

Big Tit Anal Whores 3 (DVD) XXX.

Blacks on Blondes 3 (DVD) XXX.

Blonde Goddess (1982) (DVD) XXX [Ron Jeremy].

Brett Rockmann M.D (DVD) XXX.

Camp Cuddly Pines Powertool Massacre (2005) (DVD) XXX.

Can You Dig It #1 (DVD) XXX.

Candy Stripers (1980) (DVD) XXX [Cris Cassidy].

Cheyenne Silver:La Femme Chameleon + Young Cheyenne (DVD) XXX.

Chopstix (1979) (DVD) XXX.

Coffee,Tea or Me (1984) (DVD) XXX.

Color Climax - Teenage Bestsellers 254,255,256,259 (DVD) XXX [Non-English].

Countrylife (1977) (DVD) XXX.

Cum Oozing Holes 2 (DVD) XXX.

Cum Stains 6 (DVD XXX.

Dark Dreams (DVD) XXX [Tina Russell].

Debauchers (1970) (DVD) XXX [Tina Russell].

Debbie Does Dallas (1978) (DVD) XXX.

Deep Throat (1973) (DVD) XXX [Linda Lovelace].

Dirty Lilly (1978) (DVD) XXX.

Drunken Sex Orgies (DVD) XXX.

Electric Blue 01 (1982) (DVD) [German].

Erotic Adventures of Candy (1978) (DVD) XXX.

Erotic Nights of the Living Dead (1981) (DivX) XXX.

Euro Hardball 21 (DVD) XXX.

Expensive Tastes (1978) (DVD) XXX.

Farmed Out:Blowjob Amatuers (DVD) XXX.

Farmed Out:Reality Porn (DVD) XXX.

Faust (2002) (DVD) XXX. [Non-English].

Femmes De Sade (1977) (DVD) XXX.

Forced Entry (1971) (DVD) XXX [Harry Reems].

Garage Girls (1980) (DVD) XXX [Lisa DeLeeuw].

Gina's Filthy Ho's 1 (DVD) XXX.

Girls in Blue (1977) (DVD) XXX.

Girls in Blue 2 (1983) (DVD) XXX.

Grand Slam (DVD) XXX.

Hardcore Training (DVD) XXX.

Hardgore (1973) (DVD) XXX.

Hot Summer in the City (1974) (DVD) XXX.

High School Memories (1980) (DVD) XXX [Annette Haven].

I Want You (1974) (DVD) XXX.

Insatiable (1982) (DVD) XXX.

JOY (1977) (DVD) XXX [Sharon Mitchell].

Lips (1977) (DVD) XXX.

Love You (1979) (DVD) XXX [Annette Haven].

Lust at First Bite aka:Dracula Sucks (1979) (DVD) XXX [Annette Haven].

Manhunters (2006) (DVD) XXX.

Max Hardcore:Universal Max #9 (2006) (DVD) XXX.

Meatball (1972) (DVD) XXX [Harry Reems].

Meatholes 2 (DVD) XXX.

Mega-Butt 10 (DVD XXX.

Milf POV 3 (DVD) XXX.

Mommy Loves Cock #6 (2007) (DVD) XXX.

My Dad's-Dirty Movies 1 (DVD) XXX.

My Dad's-Dirty Movies 5 (DVD) XXX.

Naughty America: 2x DVD's (Various Scenes) XXX.

Nowhere Angels (2006) (DVD) XXX.

Odyssey (1977) (DVD) XXX.

OH' Those Nurses (1982) (DVD) XXX.

Older Chicks,Bigger Tits (DVD) XXX.

On White Satin (1980) (DVD) XXX [Seka].

Pandora's Mirror (1981) (DVD) XXX [Veronica Hart].

Pastries aka "Touch Of Sweden" (1971) (DVD) XXX [Uschi Digard, Rene Bond].

Peaches & Cream (1981) (DVD) XXX [Annette Haven].

Pink Champagne (1979) (DVD) XXX.

Pirates (2005) (DVD) XXX.

Porn of the Dead (2006) XXX.

Pretty Peaches (1979) (DVD) XXX.

Prisoner of Paradise (1980) (DVD) XXX [John Holmes].

Porno Holocaust (1981) (DVD) XXX [Non-English].

Rawhide (2006) (DVD) XXX.

Red Hot Redheads 2 (DVD) XXX.

Resurrection of Eve (1973) (DVD) XXX.

Rites of Uranus (1973) (DVD) XXX.

Sex Wars (1980) (DVD) XXX [Paul Thomas].

Sex Wish (1976) (DVD) XXX [Harry Reems].

Sexorcist (1974) (DVD) XXX.

Star Virgin (1979) (DVD).

Stuff my Ass Full of Cum (DVD) XXX.

Summer Camp Girls (1983) (DVD) XXX.

Summer of '72 (1982) (DVD) XXX [Lori Sanders].

Talk Dirty to Me (1980) (DVD) XXX [Jessie St.James].

Taxi Girls (1979) (DVD) XXX [Nancy Suiter].

That's My Daughter (1982) (DVD) XXX.

The Defiance of Good (1974) (DVD) XXX [Jean Jeanings].

The Devil in Miss Jones (1972) (DVD).

The Devil Inside Her (1977) (DVD) XXX.

The Filthy Rich (1981) (DVD) XXX [Lisa Deleeuw].

The Ladies Room (1987) (DVD) XXX.

The Opening of Misty Beethoven (1975) (DVD).

The Passions of Carol (1975) (DVD) XXX.

The Pink Ladies (1981) (DVD) XXX.

The Virgin & The Lover (1973) (DVD) XXX.

They Call Her One Eye (1974) (DVD) XXX.

Tomatoes (1973) (DVD) XXX.

Up N' Coming (1983) (DVD).

Wanda Whips Wall Street (1981) (DVD) XXX [Veronica Hart].

Waterpower (1977) (DVD) [Jamie Gillies].

Wet Rainbow (1974) (DVD) XXX [Harry Reems].

Winter Heat aka "Snowbound" (1976) XXX [Jamie Gillies].


Hidden Camera,Scat,Piss,etc.


Aroma Arm-334 - Scat - Teacher Teaches Three Schoolgirls How To Play Scat Games.(DVD).(77mins).

AV-K-toilet:Camera inside a japanese public park toilet .(DVD).(45mins).

Beach Spy:2 Hours of Amauter Footage of Couples Fucking on the Beach or Nearby.(DVD).(120mins).

Beach Toilet:Hidden Camera in the Ladies Toilet at a Beach+Shopping Mall Toilet+Uni Toilet (NO SOUND).(DVD).(90mins).

DTU-03 - Hidden Japanese Toilet (Toilet Seat Is Removed).(DVD).(160mins).

EVO-37-01 - Hidden Camera in Japanese Household catching family using Bathroom.(DVD).(74mins).

FHD All Gal's #4:Japanese Bowlcam.(DVD).(75mins).

FHD All Gal's #6:Japanese Bowlcam.(DVD).(75mins).

JODD-01 - Japanese Bowlcam (All Girls Shitting).(DVD).(110mins).

Hidden Camera Toilet #1:Contains 4 Films-"The Ladies Room" Part 2,4,5 + Japanese Toilet.(DVD).(3+ Hours).

Hidden Camera Toilet #2:4x Films.Vets Office Bathroom.(DVD).(2+ Hours).

Hidden Camera Toilet Outdoor Japan - Catching Women Outside Going to the Toilet.(DVD).(77mins).

Mischeif #15:Crazy Series were men go around Japan Harrassing Women.(DVD).(120mins).


Russian Voyeur WC Bathroom Series(March/April 2005):It captures various women urinating in the bathroom.(DVD).(40mins).

Russian Voyeur WC Bathroom Series(Feb/June 2005):It captures various women urinating in the bathroom.(DVD).(40mins).

Russian Voyeur WC Bathroom Series(Comp-Late.2007-to-May.2008).(DVD).(70mins).

Scat Girls from Space:2 Japanese Girls Vomit & Shit on one another.(DVD).(30mins).

Secret Japanese Toilet:Up Angle from side of the Bowl.(DVD).(75mins).

Scat-Soap:Japanese Style Game Show with Shitting & Vomit.(DVD).(80mins).

Undercover Poopcam:Japanese Toilet Footage.(DVD).(60mins).

Video International-Inter-Junior #5:Scat Show were women compete to do the Biggest & Heaviest Shit.(DVD).(120.mins).

Western-Japs.nved02-01: Western Girls in Japanese Toilets. (DVD).(50mins).

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